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Italian Sailors Rescue Puppy (Lost at Sea!)

This Friday in Italy’s Gulf of Naples, a little puppy ended up getting lost at sea before being rescued by an intrepid group of sailors, according to a Youtube video posted by the RYCC Savoia sailing club.

In the aforementioned Youtube video, the puppy (named Noodle), who had fallen from a ferry on its way to Ischia in the Gulf of Naples, paddles toward a boat which is crewed by members of the RYCC Savoia club. The sailors then hoisted the Labrador, shivering and tired, out of the water and into the boat. The shivering, grateful puppy was cared for well by the sailors, who warmed him up with a blow dryer – Noodles, naturally showered them with love for their rescue.

According to Massimiliano Cappa, one of the sailors on the boat and the director of the club, “He was visibly exhausted, his legs almost paralyzed by the cold. He trembled and wept.” Cappa’s story was related in the Italian newspaper La Repubblica Napoli.

At first, the sailors presumed that Noodle had no owner, as there was no identification on the dog; after returning to land, they began looking for potential adopters of Noodle. Fortunately, the couple who owned Noodle managed to contact the yacht club, who then posted a Facebook photo of their reunion with their adorable pup.

Noodle’s fall from the boat came after he had gotten out of his leash unexpectedly, according to owner Mario Di Meglio. Within moments, Noodles “was in the sea,” says Di Meglio. He then rushed to the engine room of the boat where he informed the crew what happened. Di Meglio then noted that the ferry actually refused to stop to allow him to pick up the dog, assuming that the dog would simply have drowned by the time they got back to him. “I see no dog,” said one of the crew allegedly – they figured a rescue attempt was pointless.

However, Meglio notes, “I was convinced that he was still alive, though,” getting in touch with the coast guard to get a rescue mission assembled. The coast guard sent out several units to investigate, and informed other boats in the area to search for a swimming dog. In the end, the Savoy sailing club were the ones who successfully spotted the dog and got him out of the deep blue sea.

Like any good dog owner, the ferry’s carelessness incensed Di Meglio, who was nonetheless elated by Noodle’s eventual retrieval. “I am very happy, I could embrace him again… But I\’m still upset and angry about what happened: when the dog fell into the sea, and the ferry would not stop.”

At the center of this story is one happy, brave, durable little dog, though, and the brave sailors who rescued and cared for him until he could be reunited with his grateful owners. Judging from the video, this is one fish story that actually has a happy ending.

Image credit: Shaw Global News


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