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Best Multi Dog Insurance Review (2020 Guide)

Dog insurance is an important step in giving your dog the proper medical care he’ll need to grow and thrive. But, it can get expensive, especially if you have more than one dog.

Fortunately, pet insurance companies know that many families choose to own more than one dog. Therefore, they want to keep you and your dogs happy and healthy by giving you discounts for adding all of your dogs. These are often known as multi dog insurance discounts.

Most multi dog discounts will save you about 5% on your policy. Alternatively, some excellent pet insurance companies offer such low monthly premiums for their policies. This can make them even more affordable than other insurance companies that offer discounts!

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The following dog insurance companies will provide you with the best coverage for multiple dogs because of low premiums and multi dog discounts.

Top Rated Pet Insurance For Multiple Dogs


Type of Policy Coverage


3 annual deductible levels

several annual deductible and reimbursement levels

fully customizable plans

personalized policies

cooperative pet health plan

What Are My Options For Multi Dog Insurance?

multi dog insurance

When you’re insuring multiple dogs, it’s important to look at cost. Insurance for one dog can be difficult to afford if you don’t find the right company with the right coverages. For multiple dogs, it can be outright unaffordable.

However, cost isn’t the only concern of dog owners. You also have to worry about the coverage insurance provides, especially when you have more than one dog. You want their basic needs to be covered, as well as any additional problems that might come up along the way.

When searching for the best multi dog pet insurance, look for the following features that can help protect your pet and save you the most money:

Deductible And Co-Pay Options. Your deductible and co-pay amounts are what can separate an affordable policy from an unaffordable one, especially with multiple dogs. Consider how changing your deductible or co-pay will affect your monthly premium, all of which should be affordable for you.

Reimbursement Amounts. Some policies will reimburse most of your costs, while others will reimburse very little. When you need care for multiple dogs, your reimbursement amount is especially important.

Limitations & Exclusions. Most dog insurance policies have certain limitations and exclusions. An insurance company may not provide coverage for certain breeds or illnesses, for example. So, make sure all of your breeds and concerning health conditions will be covered under your policy.

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Multi Dog Discounts. Finally, the multi dog discounts some insurance companies provide can offer additional savings to make your premiums more affordable. However, make sure you compare your potential savings with the discount to other plans to make sure the premium is still within your budget.

Vet’s Klinic offers some helpful, general tips on what to look for when searching for pet insurance:

Multi Dog Pet Insurance: Reviews

Healthy Paws Pet Insurance

Healthy Paws Pet Insurance remains one of the top-rated pet insurance companies. It provides affordable insurance with three annual deductible levels to help its plans stay within your budget. Additionally, its plans provide some of the most comprehensive coverages, like accidents, illnesses, surgeries, diagnostics, and alternative treatments.

Healthy Paws does provide discounts for multiple dogs when you call its customer service center to add a pet to your policy. You can also start the process online through your account dashboard, and someone from the company will contact you to complete it.

Pets Best

Pets Best provides customizable plans with several deductible and reimbursement levels. This makes it one of the most affordable companies, giving you the ability to tailor your policy to your budget.

You’ll also receive a 5% multi dog discount if you have a BestBenefit plan. You can choose an accident only or accident and illness plan. All states will receive the discount, except for Alaska, Hawaii, and Tennessee. Plus, if you want to add routine care coverage to your plan, choose the BestWellness coverage for reimbursement for checkups, dental care, vaccinations, and more.


Petplan is another insurance company that dog owners love and trust, plus it has some of the best insurance prices and coverages. Its policies cover accidents, injuries, illnesses, vet exams, cancer treatments, specialist referrals, and more. You can also purchase additional coverage for boarding fees, behavioral therapies, and other services your dogs may need.

Petplan does not offer a specific multi dog discount. However, it offers a 5% policy discount when you enroll online. Additionally, its plans are already some of the most affordable you can find, with customizable plans and up to 90% reimbursement costs.

Embrace Pet Insurance

If you have 2 or more pets on an Embrace Pet Insurance policy, you can automatically qualify for a 5% discount! Plus, with personalized policies covering accidents, injuries, illnesses, routine coverage, and more, you can choose the coverage, deductibles, and reimbursements that work for you.

Embrace also offers some other money-saving discounts for its policy holders. Enjoy a 5% discount for neutered or spayed dogs and another 5% discount if you pay your policy annually rather than monthly!

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Conclusion: The Best Insurance For Multiple Dogs

For owners of multiple dogs, cost-effective dog insurance can be the only way to afford the proper health care. The best pet insurance for multiple dogs has personalized policies with several ways to fit the policy within a budget. Added multi dog discounts can help to make a dog insurance policy more affordable.

Always utilize the “Free Quote” features that dog insurance companies have on their websites or by calling customer service. You’ll be able to get a quote tailored to the needs of your dogs before agreeing to a policy. Ask questions before signing up, such as discount information, premium increases, or coverage for certain conditions you’re concerned about.

Once you choose the best policy for you, I suggest you check it monthly to ensure that your policy hasn’t changed and your multi dog discounts are being applied.

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